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Animals in the Lab

Ever since we wanted to learn about the human body, we have cut open animals, dead and alive, to compare them to ourselves. This tradition of using animals as models for the human body remains till this day. However, in the last 30-40 years restrictions have been imposed to protect the rights of the animals which help us to find medicine and knowledge. Resistance against the use of animals in science has only become stronger in time, and with that the rulesanimals in the lab poster for their use have become tighter. But how much have we learned from lab animals? How much do they suffer during their life? What exactly are the rules for using lab animals? What does the future hold for them? This and more will be discussed in the Bètabreak of the 24th of january from 12 to 1 PM.

our guests will be:

Dr. Gert Flik
professor organismal animal physiology (RU)

Dr. Ellen ter Gast
integrative thinker & ethics consultant (