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The Future of our Plastic

Plastics are everywhere, we can’t imagine a life without it anymore. Although plastics can be very convenient, they are causing huge problems for our ecosystem and maybe even our health. The management of our plastic waste seems an impossible task. According to a rapport released by the CPB in 2017, the separation of plastic waste had little to no positive effects on the environment. But still, we cannot continue using plastic like we do now. What could be a solution to this problem?

Could we phase out most plastics and live in a future where we barely use any plastics? If yes, what will be the alternative? If no, how are we going to manage the waste? In this edition of the BètaBreak we will discuss how we use plastic in the future and what might be a solution to the plastic problem. For speaker announcements, go to our Facebook event.

See you on Wednesday May 22th at the BètaBreak!