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The Future of our Plastic

Plastics are everywhere, we can’t imagine a life without it anymore. Although plastics can be very convenient, they are causing huge problems for our ecosystem and maybe even our health. The management of our plastic waste seems an impossible task. According to a rapport released by the CPB in 2017, the separation of plastic waste […]

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Nuclear Energy: Dirty, Dangerous & Deadly or Safe, Clean & Green?

Nuclear energy has always been a particularly controversial subject. Some believe it is the holy grail of sustainable energy, with low emission and high efficiency, while others argue that the possible dangers of nuclear disaster can and should not be overlooked. What is the current status in nuclear energy policies? What should and shouldn’t we […]

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Blockchain: Bullshit?!

In October 2008, a John or Jane Doe published a paper that would go on to change the world: “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. It described, for the first time ever, a completely decentralised currency using a technique later coined as “blockchain”. The idea has since then spiraled out of control, resulting in a […]

Biologie Duurzaamheid English language edition

Meat the Future

Lab-grown meat on our plates is something many of us cannot wait for. Because of the detriments to our environment, the suffering of animals, health and other reasons, many people have given up meat. Yet many of them did so with pain in their heart, for meat is loved by even those who choose to […]

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BetaBeats: Does music improve your focus?

In the January edition of the BètaBreak we will discuss the effect that music has on our brain and, specifically, if there is such a thing as ‘study music’. These days, we see more and more headings in the media making statements such as ‘students perform better when they listen to the right type of […]

English language edition Quiz

The Sixth Great BètaQuiz

The end of the year draws nearer and nearer, including the battle to claim the title of Best Beta study association. Reigning champions are the NSA, whilst VIA lost for the second time in a row at the last question. Which association can claim the coveted cup and the dinner at Café-Restaurant POLDER this year?

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Changing Oceans: UvA on Expedition

The oceans are strongly dynamic and complex systems which cover the vast majority of our planet (>70%!). Our oceans are impressively diverse and essential for life to exist on earth. However, human behavior has slowly but strongly been affecting them, and over the past few decades we started seeing the consequences of our actions. Scientists […]

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<<<English follows Dutch>>> Psychedelica als therapievorm voor verschillende ziektes en aandoeningen klinkt misschien absurd, maar blijkt wellicht een realiteit. Na een lange stop in psychedelisch onderzoek worden er tegenwoordig talloze onderzoeken gepubliceerd over de effecten en mogelijke toepassing van psychedelica. Zoals bijvoorbeeld het potentieel kunnen behandelen van alcoholverslaving, depressies en dwangstoornissen met een psychedelische therapie. […]

English language edition Sterrenkunde

Expedition to Mars

A colony of one million people living on the red planet Mars. Although this idea sounds preposterous, it is the wish of SpaceX CEO and the greatest innovator of the 21st century, Elon Musk. SpaceX is causing a rapid decrease in the costs of space flight by making use of reusable rockets and Elon’s plans […]

Biologie English language edition

Birds- Flying through a changing world

When, where and why to fly Avian research and tracking Bird movement and behaviour with UvA-BiTS Millions of migratory birds visit the Netherlands each year for a place to breed, forage, or overwinter. Birds can fly thousands of kilometers every year. They cross borders, cities, deserts and oceans. Along their way they find conditions changing […]

English language edition Scheikunde

Nobel laureate Ben Feringa

Bernard Lucas Feringa is one of the most prominent scientists in the field of chemistry. Together with Jean PBen Feringa posterierre Sauvage and Sir Fraser Stoddart, Ben Feringa formed a golden trio and won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2016. He earned the price for his work on the design and synthesis of nano motors. Not only is he highly esteemed for his research, he is also noted for his enthusiastic lectures as well as for being a true mentor for his students. During this session we will discuss his journey into science, the workings of his nanocar, the importance of his work and much more! Join us on Tuesday, the 10th of April at 12:00 in the central hall of the Science Park.

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Animals in the Lab

Ever since we wanted to learn about the human body, we have cut open animals, dead and alive, to compare them to ourselves. This tradition of using animals as models for the human body remains till this day. However, in the last 30-40 years restrictions have been imposed to protect the rights of the animals […]