BètaBreak committee

The BètaBreak committee consists of students from several bachelors- and masters degrees at the FNWI-faculty, and we are supported by the faculty board, UvA communications and a panel of professors.

Our members organize the editions by combining the knowledge of their own fields as the cornerstone, while taking an interdisciplinary approach to the subjects. By doing so we are able to run interesting and innovative discussions every month. Are you interested in joining our team? Send an email to redactie@betabreak.nl!

The committee of 2019,

Top left to right: Robert Hardy, Zoë Kleijwegt, Martijn Brehm, Alvaro Garderobe, Fabienne Kallmeyer.

Bottom left to right: Christel Kuik, Linde Berbers, Luc Krimpenfort.

Linde Berbers, member since february 2018, chairman since may 2019– Master Earth Sciences – Environmental Management

When I was still in high school in Amsterdam, I already occasionally studied at the Science Park. Since then I have been sitting on the big flight of stairs listing contently to the interesting discussion sessions of the BètaBreak (even though back then I didn’t understand very much yet). I like to dive deep into subjects that I don’t know much about, and to come into contact with scientists from other disciplines than my own. What makes the BètaBreak special for me is that it gives people the opportunity to learn about topics that fall outside their own research area. And it gives me the opportunity to learn, to communicate and to think about topics that fall outside of mine.

Christel Kuik, member since june 2018, chairman since may 2019 – master chemistry / analytical sciences 

I was looking for a activity to develop my social skills, since it this is not really in my nature as a chemistry student. The BètaBreak caught my attention during an edition with the winner of Nobel prize in chemistry, Ben Feringa.  It was the perfect fit, since the BètaBreak helped me not only to develop my social skills but many others. I learned how to organize events and how to speak in public. It is also very exciting to learn more from other disciplines and meet interesting people.

Zoë Sophia Kleijwegtmember since october 2018 – Biology

When I started  Biology last year at Science Park, I was so pleased by how involved everyone seems with their studies. You can tell most people really enjoy being here and want to learn from each other. However, I also noticed how easy it is to get so involved in your own field that you lose sight of what’s going on outside of it, while there is so much to learn from other disciplines as well. That’s why I joined the Betabreak commission, to broaden my own horizon but also definitely to make other fields better accessible for everyone here. It’s great to help create a platform meant for sharing new discoveries and hosting interesting discussions that everyone can participate in!

Robert Hardy, member since february 2019 – Biology

I find the BètaBreak a very inspiring opportunity to enlarge my understanding of science. As a Biology student I often feel limited to my own subjects. Joining the BètaBreak team gave me the chance to develop new skills and explore the connection between the different fields of science. It is great to see how our events are visited by students from many different disciplines, I think this creates an interdisciplinary atmosphere on our faculty. I really feel honored to be part of the BètaBreak.

Álvaro Garderobe, member since may 2019 – Biology

My name is Álvaro, and I am a graduated bachelor Biologist currently working as a bartender in Amsterdam. I love working behind the bar, mixing at the flavour laboratory, but I do love even more sciences! Biology is my field, and my interests are quite wide, from astrobiology to neuroscience, genetic engineering and ecology. I joined betabreak looking for keeping in touch with science. What i found? A lovely group of self-organized students with curiosity, interest and passion for what they do, whom enjoying learning and knowledge intercourses. Im quite happy I am part of this team!

BètaBreak Alumni
Roberto de Jeu (initiatiefnemer, oprichting – juli 2012)
Danne Elbers (initiatiefnemer, oprichting – april 2012) – bèta-gamma major psychobiologie
Floor Rombout (oprichting – juni 2012) – bèta-gamma major filosofie / logica
Duifje van Egmond (oprichting – december 2014) – natuurkunde
Yuri Gotoh (oprichting – juli 2013) bèta-gamma major economie
Ruben van Schaik (voorzitter 2012-2013) – natuurkunde
Lambert Baij (2012 – maart 2014) bèta-gamma  / scheikunde
Wouter Meinster (januari 2012 – juli 2013)  natuurkunde
Marie Beth van Egmond (begin 2013 – oktober 2016) wiskunde
Ramon Creyghton (april 2013 – voorzitter van sep. 2013 tot jan. 2015 – oktober 2016) natuurkunde
Niels Janssen (april 2013 – oktober 2013)
Marysia Winkels (april 2013 – december 2013) kunstmatige intelligentie / logica
Vikki de Jong (september 2013 – voorjaar 2014) bèta-gamma / scheikunde
Jesse Geerts (september 2013 – juni 2014) bèta-gamma / psychobiologie
Sjang ten Hagen (september 2013 – juni 2014) bèta-gamma / natuurkunde
Martine Cederhout (september 2013 – juni 2014) brain and cognitive sciences
Sanne Berbers (september 2013 – september 2015) scheikunde / kunstrestauratie
Lot Hartman (mei 2014 – december 2014) internationale betrekkingen en Midden Oosten studies
Emma Boumans (mei 2014 – juli 2016) bèta gamma / kunstmatige intelligentie
Daan Mulder (mei 2014 – voorzitter van feb. tot dec 2015 – juli 2016) wiskunde / natuurkunde
Ilari Anemaet (december 2014 – september 2015) wiskunde
Pieter Bas Visser (december 2014 – september 2015) natuurkunde
Quirien Reijtenbagh (december 2014 – september 2015) future planet studies major economie
Abel Jansma (december 2014 – januari 2016) natuurkunde
Johnny Vogel (december 2014- juli 2017)  future planet studies / aardwetenschappen
Bo-Shan Go (februari 2015 – juni 2016) psychobiologie
Martijn Spoon (september 2015 – februari 2016)
Danne van Roon (september 2015 – februari 2016)
Nynke Jorna (september 2015 – December 2018) – Psychobiologie
Josse Poppinga (september 2015 – voorzitter van jan 2015 tot aug 2017 – sep 2017) psychobiologie
Evita Verheijden (september 2015 – waarnemend voorzitter van sep 2015 tot feb 2016 – sep 2017) bèta-gamma / natuurkunde
Astrid Ekelmans (februari 2016 – januari 2019) Biologie / biological sciences
Tessa Cramwinckel (februari 2016 – februari 2018) bèta-gamma / natuurkunde
Kris Kok (augustus 2016 – januari 2017) natuurkunde
Iris Bosma (september 2016 – maart 2017) taalwetenschappen / rechten
David van den Berg (november 2016 – juli 2017) natuurkunde
Tristan Bakx (november 2016 – februari 2018) biologie (ecologie en evolutie)
Marit Keemink (december 2016 – juli 2017) brain and cognitive sciences
Fabio van Dissel (april 2017 – voorzitter september 2017 – juli 2018) natuurkunde
Joost Kingma (juni 2017 – oktober 2018) future planet studies major Biologie
Isabel Pieterse (september 2017 – februari 2018) Biomedische wetenschappen
Jantien van Amerongen (december 2017 – oktober 2018) Biologie

Groepsfoto BètaBreakcomissie 2017-2018

De commissieleden in 2017-2018, v.l.n.r.:
boven: Astrid, Joost, Fabio, Luc, Isabel
onder: Nynke, Cassandra (tijdelijk lid), Jantien
niet op foto: Tessa en Linde

Groepsfoto BètaBreakCommissie 2016-2017
De commissieleden in 2016-2017, v.l.n.r.:
– Iris, David, Kris, Evita, Johnny, Tristan, Nynke en Marit
niet op foto: Astrid, Josse, Tessa

Groepsfoto BètaBreakcommissie 2014-2015
De commissieleden in 2014-2015 , v.l.n.r.:
– boven: Ramon, Marie Beth, Johnny, Duifje
– onder: Abel, Emma, Daan, Ilari
niet op foto: Lot, Pieter Bas, Sanne

Groepsfoto BetaBreakcommissie
De commissieleden in 2013-2014 , v.l.n.r.:
– boven: Sanne, Ruben, Duifje en Lambert
– midden: Marie Beth, Martine en Marysia
– onder: Sjang, Ramon en Jesse
niet op foto: Vikki